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The clay sculptures of Jeff Margolin convey a strong artistic message which is a product of astonishing and sensual aesthetics, and include fascinating philosophical statements.


Born in California, Jeff is a graduate of the University of California at Berkeley with a degree in political theory and economics. He has worked with clay for over forty years and his pieces, which are represented in fine art galleries throughout the country and overseas, receive the admiration and praises of collectors and critics alike.


Inspired by great artists such as Dali, Escher, Giger and their sense of flow and movement, Jeff shapes sculptures that are dynamic in nature, in contrast to their solid façade.  The juxtaposition between textured and polished, transparent and opaque, rounded and sharp; makes for an undermining and destabilizing artistic message. The sculptures are prominent in their space, while constantly altering it.


 Jeff's unique touch is evident in each dimension of his art: His forms, carvings, and finishing combine to leave his inimitable signature.



Teaching Experience



Massachusetts Institute of Technology:

Instructor of ceramic techniques



University of California at Berkeley:

Administrative Manager of Art Studio

Including hiring, purchasing, scheduling and maintenance



University of California at Berkeley:

Instructor for basic and advanced methods and specialized firing techniques



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